A foliar fertilizer is not designed as an alternative to soil fertilizer and soil conditioning, but rather as a supplement which will increase efficiency and improve plant health. Uptake of nutrients from the soil can be very inefficient, and it can take several days for noticeable effects to occur. Foliar fertilizers act more quickly, and far more efficiently, as most of the fertilizer ends up in the plant, rather than in the soil.

With foliar feeding, as it is known, the nutrients are absorbed directly through the leaves of the plant. They work their way down the roots, but they also stimulate activity in the leaves, which in turn stimulates root development, because the plant starts to demand more water. Applying foliar fertilizer can increase uptake of nutrients from the soil by encouraging plants to take up more water, in addition to providing immediate benefits for a plant which may be suffering from deficiency.

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Foliar fertilizer is a type of fertilizer designed to be applied directly to the leaves of a plant. Farmset sells a range of foliar fertilizers, from organic products safe for use on food crops to more aggressive chemical fertilizers for ornamentals. There are a number of advantages to using a foliar fertilizer which make such fertilizers popular for some gardening applications.

Check out a few available foliar fertilizers like

Yates Blood and Bone

Yates Leaf Greener Iron Chelate

Lush Orchid Food

Thrive All Purpose


Nitrosol (Nitrofert) Liquid

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